A caring individual notices someone hiding in the weeds and ends up making a life-saving decision

It’s difficult to hide when you’re a big black puppy. She’d been left in the forest and was unsure of her surroundings, so she cuddled just underneath a weed mat and needed to wait for someone to find her.

Fortunately, a kind stranger passing through the wooded area observed the pup just in time and called Stray Rescue for assistance.

«Firstly, I didn’t even see her anywhere, but when I returned the next day, there she was there.»

During their first meeting, as s he’d been out there alone outside, obviously in standby, and she wasn’t sure she could trust Lokman yet.

So the fearful pup stood up and snarled at Lokman. «I figured it’d be simpler to set a trap and see if she’d go in,» Lokman explained.

«So I got some fresh food and stuffed it into one of my traps.» But the dog did not move in.He changed his strategy in order to save the dog.

Instead of attempting to capture her, the experienced rescuer chose to obtain her trust by speaking in a gentle and inspiring tone. Lokman immediately took dog to the vet after she was finally safe in her care.

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