A dog who couldn’t find a home due to his tongue meets a mother who considers he’s ideal

In the fall of 2019, Don Torres was discovered abandoned in a box outside the animal rescue centre.

He warmed up quickly, and his new friends at the shelter wished he’d find a family soon, but that wasn’t the problem.

«He stayed at the shelter for about five weeks before I adopted him.» «People had passed him due to his mouth.»

He is an elderly dog with only 2 teeth, which makes it nearly impossible for him to keep his very long tongue in his mouth.

It gives him an unique shape that some people dislike, but when Casta saw him and his crazy tongue, she knew she had to adopt him.

Don Torres’s tongue rarely gets in the way of him living his best life, and when it does, he finds ways to work around it.

«He definitely lifts people’s spirits — you can’t just look at him without smiling,» Casta said. «A lot of kids want to touch his tongue because they’re amazed by it.»

Some people don’t recognize him as a dog and believe he’s some other creature they’ve have not ever noticed of.

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