A dog who wants to play with a baby but is surprised when the baby does not respond

Luba is a sweet little canine who was extremely amped up for the pregnancy of her receptive mother.

In this way, all through her pregnancy, Luba generally demanded remaining close by to deal with her and safeguard her from any risk.

She also knew she’d be getting a new best friend and playmate shortly, as everyone was anticipating Martina’s arrival.

True to form, when child was conceived, Luba made it a point to her with extraordinary energy, astounding her whole family with her delightful demeanor.

As of late, Maria watched Luba as she strolled into the room with her blue ball in her mouth; an unmistakable sign that she shows that she needs to play.

Nonetheless, rather than giving the ball to one of her folks, Luba gave it to child, trusting that her younger sibling would toss it.

The dog didn’t comprehend at the time that such a young infant couldn’t throw the ball. But she just wanted to have some fun.

Despite the fact that Luba didn’t find the solution she anticipated from her younger sibling. She appeared to be extremely glad to remember her new companion for the game time.

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