A dog who was deemed «too large» to find a home finds a family who accepts him exactly as he is

«Humans might see him and think he’s big and scary, but nothing could be different from the reality.»

Slinger had been concerned for years that he would never have a family. Sadly, many people were unable to see far beyond his size.

When he arrived at shelter, as a transfer from another shelter, rescuers were determined to find him a forever home.Slinger was not disturbing to rescue personnel.

He was, in actuality, a big softy. Slinger thought he had discovered a family soon after arriving. Unfortunately, after just just few days, this first family moved back him to the shelter.

Regardless, the rescue team was confident that Slinger would find an eternally home soon. Meanwhile, they made certain that the big, sociable boy could participate in all of his favourite hobbies.

«Slinger loved going for gentle strolls down the path to visit the cows — we think he mistook himself for one of them,» Moore explained.

«He finally found his perfect match 451 days after arriving, and the staff was delighted.

Slinger is already in his new home, where his family has gone above and beyond to ensure his safety and well-being.

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