A dog with large fluffy ears resembles Mickey Mouse, a Disney character

Geisha is an extraordinary pup who is both lovable and remarkable.

He is a Maltese-Papillon blend that lives in Japan in with his family and has evoked in excess of a murmur and a grin from a huge number of Internet clients.

This soft canine with colossal ears resembles a genuine Mickey Mouse.

Geisha has almost 114,000 Instagram followers. Thousands of Internet users have given him the nickname «Mickey Mouse the dog» thanks to his white fur and fluffy gray ears.

Despite the fact that his cute appearance has drove many people insane around the world, Geisha appears to be blissfully unaware of his impact and goes about his business as usual. He likes to take lengthy naps and go for walks.

This lovable canine with colossal ears likewise appreciates playing and investing energy with his family, and he isn’t reluctant to posture for the camera in different attire and delightful settings.

There’s no rejecting that many pets have become well known via web-based media because of their appearance or character, and Geisha is no exemption.

It is perhaps the most well known pets among Internet client, in light of the fact that to its feathery fur and unmistakable ears.

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