A lost bunny runs into a woman’s backyard and asks for assistance

When Morgan installed a camera to monitor her property, she had no idea that it would end up saving a critter who was in need.

But when she recently listened to the recording, she noticed a small white rabbit wandering around aimlessly, as if looking for his companions and family.

Even though Atha didn’t immediately know where he had come from, she was certain that she needed assistance.

«We were in our carport and my better half said, ‘There’s a white rabbit in our yard.»

«We thought back on our cameras and saw he came from behind our home in the forest. We’ve never had a hare appear in our yard previously.»

She gave the rabbit, whom she briefly named Peter, a kind disposition, which led Atha to believe that he had somehow become separated from his family.

Asked if anyone was missing him, Atha responded, «we uploaded an image of him on my Facebook page that very day and forwarded it to other lost pet groups.»

A woman responded, stating that she needed to offer her rabbit a friend. «After she got him, she sent me an image of Peter lying and snuggling with her 8-year-old child,» Atha said.

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