A man hears a ‘sound cry’ and discovers an abandoned animal in the forest

Neil, a local animal rescuer, was going to ride his moped through the streets of South east asia when he heard an odd noise coming from the forest.

«I went around the doorway on my regular path and heard an ear loud scream.»

Neil noticed a dog on the grass and started driving over to get a closer look. The anxious dog side stepped Neil as he stooped down, attempting to get away.

«I could feel her racing heartbeat at a thousand beats per second.»

When the puppy realized Neil was attempting to assist her, she began to relax into the hands of her rescuer.Neil noticed tiny changes in the surrounding grass as he contemplated his next move.

He eventually realised them — the puppy’s two sisters. The entire family had been left in the forest.

The sisters will remain at the sanctuary until they have fully recovered and are strong enough to begin the search for their dream home.

«Later the dogs start playing with each other.» These three are finally free to relax and be dogs.

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