A man is riding his bicycle when he notices that he is being pursued

While trekking down a beautiful dirt road in Canada to get some natural air, Kei acknowledged he had new company.

A couple of meters behind, he was running quickly with an odd one out pursuing him.

The sheep was very quick for its size, and appeared to be exceptionally keen on finding Kei. Seeing his demand, the man chose to take out his telephone and record the occasion.

The sweet pursue endured a couple of more minutes, yet that wouldn’t be the last time they would meet.

The man recalls that he attempted to accelerate his speed a piece on the bicycle, yet the sheep was still exceptionally centered around pursuing him; It was truly fun and astonishing.

At last, Kei discovered that the sheep was the pet of a family nearby, and that he is Ozy.

Simply that day he had gotten away from the homestead to go on a performance experience, and wound up gathering the cyclist out and about.

Kei also realized that Ozy is a really sociable and hilarious sheep; although Ozy appeared upset at first when he went after the man on his bike ride, he really just wanted to say hello and ride beside him for a while.

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