A man offered a husky dog, and the dog grew to be larger than the owner

From a young age, many people wish for a four-legged companion. As a result, the article’s hero desired a pet as well. He had a dog, and he even knew what he was going to name him: «Cassio.»

Sadly, his parents were absolutely opposed to such a responsibility. And now that he is an adult, the young fellow has not overlooked his dream and has begun his search for his friend.

Destiny brought him into contact with a woman who was marketing the last Husky dog. The young person is employed in a bank.

He said she had to respond to the phone, so the last dog with amazingly gorgeous eyes had to leave. And he is looking for loving «parents.»

Cassio proved to be a friendly, smart, and humble dog. From the first moment, he enjoys the company of himself. Which undoubtedly made him happy.

His owner has found it more difficult to take him to the shower to wash his legs over the months. Cassio quickly became unidentifiable. He enjoys being loved.

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