A parrot settles on a reporter’s shoulder and then robs him live on television

Nicol, a reporter, was in Chile the previous day to report on a recent theft when he suddenly became a target of one himself.

In this specific instance, the guilty party was in fact a bird.Whereas the camera was rolling for Nicol’s report, a passing parrot saw a chance for sick earning. And she accepted it.

The parrot managed to fly in and sweetly landed on Nicol’s shoulder. But it didn’t last long as a Fairy princess moment.

The parrot then picked up the earphone Nicol was wearing and flew away. The little bird’s offense could not have been more hubristic, especially since it was all caught on video.

Despite this, she appeared to have no worries. Luckily, Nicol handled the theft well and was able to complete his report.

Nicole was later able to find his stolen earphone, which had been fallen nearby, with the assistance of the cameraman. The bird did not return but, definetly the man would never forget the situation he was in.

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