A small bird flies into a woman’s workshop and begs for assistance

Charlie was settling in other day of work in her studio when she noticed she was not the only one there.

Looking over, she noticed a lovely green small bird the size of her palm that popped up to be in difficulty. «I believe he came to ask for my assistance.»

«He flew right next to me and placed.» She had seen birds flying around the nearby gardens, but never this close. She was astounded by his beauty.

But why was this little guy on his own? And so near to a human? She realized right away that he was in need.

«I was astonished to see him in our studio, but I was also concerned for him because I knew right away he was locked.»

Charlie and her partner simply made a sweetener mixture and offered it to the bird with a spoon. The creature drank gladly. His eyes began opening after about 2 min.

The bird flew away after drinking everything he needed.

The following day, she noticed the bird suddenly, this time circling happily out front of her house, glancing at her as if to thank her for assisting him the day before.

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