A stray dog follows a police officer down the street, begging to be picked up

Law officials have an obligation to protect all life, not just people. The public admires them for their audacity. A policeman rescued a sick animal.

Two officers were professional and kind. Marcado and Taverna noticed a puppy on patrol.

While he is being chased, a stray dog ​​begs a policeman to pick him up. They thought the little creature had gotten lost, but they discovered it wandering around alone.

The police held the innocent at the police station until a room became available. Since our departure, the approach has changed.

The rescued dog was so grateful to the startled cops that he clung to them the entire trip, licking, petting and caring for them.

A stray dog ​​begs a passing cop to pick him up. While being chased, a stray dog ​​begs a policeman to pick him up.

The officers who rescued the dog searched to see if it had been left behind.

When Hobart was rescued, Officer Mercado agreed to give him a permanent, stable home. Hobart has found his knight in shining armor and plans to spend his life with him.

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