A touching story of a teen who has been missing for a year. Mother was surprised to see his son on TV picking up his puppy from an animal shelter

A teen kid who rejoined with his canine he had surrendered to a creature cover while destitute enthralled large number of individuals who watched the news.

One of them was a lady who has distinguished herself as the high schooler’s mother.

The young kid gave up his canine at the creature cover, saying he was living under a scaffold and could not accommodate her.

The destitute kid said he had left a canine in a tent while he went to search for work, however she had gotten away.

‘He finished up an acquiescence structure with a smidgen of data about himself, and we had the option to give that to certain people who could help him,’ Robinson said.

Last week, the kid was brought together with the canine at the creature cover on Friday morning — in all around flawless second that his supposed mother later saw on TV.

‘I could not care less about the past. I simply need my lovely child, he can return whenever he wants’ mother said.

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