A woman notices a bird crying near a storm drain and decides to explore further

Bella was driving to get groceries near her home in Victoria the other day when she noticed an object on the other side of the road. «I saw a troubled bird standing over a storm drain,» Bella explained.

Despite the fact that she was in the middle of a mission, Bella decided to take a break. And she did the right thing.

The bird, it pulls out, was begging for assistance with her frantic calls. Bella exited her car and approached. he noticed him, hidden in the dust below — it was a tiny baby bird that had dropped inside.

The baby bird’s mother was unable to recover him on her own. Instead, she enlisted the assistance of a kind foreigner.

Bella got to work once she realized what was going on. Bella warmed the baby bird’s small body in her car after saving it to help him gather strength.

«I put the baby in a safe place and stepped back so they could be reunited,» Bella explained. The fluffy family was reunited thanks to her willingness to stop and listen to the bird’s cries for help.

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