A woman uses a plastic bottle to save her best friend from flooding

Lauren had only a few seconds to figure out how to protect Hannah, her babyhood dog, and herself from increasing flooded areas. They’d have to snorkel from their house to a neighbor’s deck to get to safety.

The water, however, was cold and had a light modern, and her now-senior dog really can not swim.

«I was more afraid of loosing her in the water than I was about dropping myself,» Lauren said. «I needed to find a way to securely float her out across waters.»

Lauren attempted to use Hannah’s bed as a floatation device as flood waters went up, but it plunged. She then snatched a plastic bottle large enough for Hannah, but it, too, began to sink.

As time expired out, she discovered a lounger pillow and stuffed it underneath the the container to keep Hannah afloat while she swam through the floods towards the nearby rooftop, where she and Hannah could be pulled out of the water.

Lauren’s uncle eventually rescued the 2 survivors with his kayak. They are now safe at Lauren’ parents house. Yet they are overjoyed to be reunited.

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