After 56 hours in the underground tunnel, a dog pokes his head out of the rabbit hole

The unimaginable second a canine was brought together with her proprietor after over two days.

Flossie should be visible sticking her head out of the opening and into the daylight as a man cautiously recovers her.

In spite of the fact that she is somewhat not cheerful about being maneuvered up onto the ground, when she really gets free she is obviously glad to rejoin with proprietor Bracken Jelier, who had presented on Facebook taking a stab at observe where she could be.

She thought that Flossie could have gone rabbiting and regarded herself as lost, and that ended up being the situation — however she just went as far the neighbor’s nursery in Crediton.

‘It’s an extremely tedious account for certain unimaginable occurrences that lead to her it being underground to be found following 56 hours.

She added: ‘Thank you for every single unimaginable message. We have been overpowered by everybody’s help. We are additionally agonizingly mindful that there are many individuals that never track down their canines.

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