After a three-year challenge to fall pregnant, James Bye and his wife Victoria have confirmed they are awaiting their fourth child

After trying to cope to fall pregnant for further than 3 years, East Enders star Jams Byee and wife Victoria have stated they will have their 4th child later this year.

The lovely couple announced the news on Tuesday evening, admitting they were informed of the childbirth while James was preparing for the 20th century series of Come Dancing.

Jame, 39, and Victoria, 41, who posted a sonogram of their unborn child, had heretofore experienced a number of fertility problems while trying to expand their family.

The pair, that already had 3 children, Edvard, Louis, and Hugo, were deallt another blow when Victoria developed infertility, a situation in which material resulting to the lining of the uterus develops in other areas of the body, such as the ovarian follicles and oviduct.

Victoria captioned the post, which was communicated on their joint Instagram account, ‘So… we’ve been continuing to keep a little secret…

We aren’t just ringing in the new year in 2023… I can’t beleve I’m saying this. But now we’re expecting anotther child, and we’re overjoyed.

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