After a visit to the dog groomer, the puppy needs to sleep

A devastated canine proprietor has required Scotland’s creature preparing industry to be directed after her puppy must be made it lights-out time following a visit to a salon where he was placed in a ‘drying confine’.

Nine-month-old cockapoo Harry experienced a digestive breakdown not long after being placed in a drying confine for 30 minutes at an honor winning salon in May 2021.

He was taken to Vets Now Hospital in Glasgow, yet because of inconveniences he was placed to rest on May 8.

Albeit a post-mortem examination observed that the canine didn’t pass on from heat stroke, its proprietor, Lisa O’Neill, says the little guy «endured horrendously» inside the drying container and would have attempted to leap out, which she trusts caused the demise. imploded digestive system from which he passed on.

Notwithstanding, he has upheld calls for more guideline of the business.

She said: «It’s astounding the number of canine proprietors realize nothing about container drying, hand over their canine and have no clue in the event that they’re confining them or not.»

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