After being rescued, a dog who had been abandoned in the freezing cold ,completely transforms

Rosabela rolled into a ball to avoid the cold winter last January.

Rosabela would not have survived much longer if she had been abandoned in a Michigan alley with only a wire crib to protect her from the attributes.

Fortunately, a rescue volunteer noticed the puppy and moved her to a secured, comforting location.

Rosabela’s life has completely changed for the better. «We don’t realize how long she ended up waiting in the cold, but she was probably discovered pretty fast.»

Rosabela was quickly set free and brought into the security of the shelter, where she could escape the winter.

Rosabela was in the recovery for about a year before finding her permanent home, and volunteers assisted her in regaining her health. The animal is now growing rapidly.

«After seeing her sad story on the news, I knew exactly what I had to approach out to see what I could do to help her,» Rosabela’s mother told Bumpy Start Rescue.

«I was fortunate to be chosen to potentially adopt her, and she now has the love she deserves in her forever home!»

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