After being rescued on the highway, a dog gives the rescuer the cutest hug

Following a day of back-to-school purchasing, Evelyn and Leo Anderson were heading home when they realised a small brown item in the location.

They shortly could see him: a fearful dog in the path.

«We closed our sight, afraid that this dog would be run over by a car.» «Fortunately, the dog was able to get away just in time.»

Leo knew what he had to do after observing such a close call. The thankful dog was soon secure in their passenger’s seat. Despite being dirty the puppy’s tail never ended wagging.

«It broke my heart just imagining about what this dog had gone over and how afraid and alone he felt,» they said.

» When he eventually slept in in my palms, I burst into tears. I wanted him to realize he was safe at last.»

They took the dog to adoption agency, where he was accepted right away.

«We formed a lifelong bond, and I adore him,» Leo said. «I’m pleased I could save him and link up with him.»

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