After spotting a white ‘stone’ on the roadside, a woman makes a rare discovery

Ema and her brother were travelling down a faraway section of road in Canada, the other day when they noticed anything really unusual.

A colorful, white figure is set alone in the paint just off the roadside.

They thought it was just a strange stone at first, but she’d transferred by too quickly to be sure. Ema’s brother, on the other hand, had received a better look. He noticed the incredible facts.

«He told me to turn just over,» Ema explained. «He claimed to have seen an albino animal. ‘Yes actually, OK,’ I said.

But because he was wigging out, I turned around.» It was, indeed, an albino creature, a very rare sight. Only about one out of every 20,000 porcupines is said to have the condition.

They couldn’t believe their eyes, so theystepped out of the car for a better look.

«It was insane,» she admitted. «I’d never seen an albino animal before, so seeing one was incredible.» Finally, the creature returned to the surrounding forest.

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