Amazing photographs of a raven sharing a meal with a mouse

A few times, the eager mouse attempts to move toward him, yet wouldn’t for even a second entertain the idea.

Then, at that point, the raven takes out a piece of the covering and takes it in its mouth to where the mouse is stowing away. Subsequent to placing the bread in the grass, the bird leaves.

In the wake of ensuring that nothing undermines her, the mouse emerges from her concealing spot, takes a slice of bread and conceals again in the grass.

As an afterthought, the scene gave the feeling that the raven had chosen to impart his feast to an eager mouse.

Then again, when the mouse was extremely near the bird, the raven didn’t attempt to go after it, in spite of the fact that it had the open door.

There was likewise a form as per which the raven’s arrangements did exclude treating the mouse with bread.

The bird simply attempted to keep a piece to eat it later. It is improbable that a particularly wise bird started to conceal its food under the nose of a mouse.

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