Before turning 35, a «continuously pregnant» woman gave birth to 9 children

Moms of numerous youngsters frequently need more investment to deal with themselves and their appearance.

It could be thus that the champion of our actual history today is regarded and appreciated by her loved ones, as well as by her numerous endorsers on the organization, since she generally looks perfect.

Satu Gonzalez and her significant other Andreas are the guardians of nine brilliant kids. Satu is just 35 years of age, the lady notes with incongruity that for a very long time she has been pregnant nearly without interference.

Among this cheerful group, there is a couple of twins, they are ten-year-old young men. Satu brought forth the wide range of various beneficiaries individually.

The lady concedes that it is truly difficult to raise such various youngsters, in numerous ways, she is helped by the capable association of her time, as well as by the steady help of her better half.

Satu keeps up with its page on interpersonal organizations, it has a number of supporters who follow with interest the life and day to day existence of a mother with numerous youngsters.

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