Do hippo mothers truly offer pink milk to their newborns?

According to an internet story, hippo mothers deliver milk, similar to a strawberry taste. However, it has been discovered that hippo infants, like the remainder of the world, consume white milk.

So, where did the » milk» idea originate? It actually has something to do with «sun cream.»

Hippos are among the most unusual animals on the planet, and one of the things that distinguishes them is their capacity to protect themselves from the sun.

But not in the way you might imagine. Hippos can live for 40 to 50 years. They are found throughout Sub-Saharan Continent.

But also, because it is so warm where they survive, they probably have spent up to 16 hours a day gliding in waterways and streams to avoid daily sun.

Despite spending so much time in the sun, hippos never get sunburned. Their bodies produce something unique to hippos that fixes a few annoying skin issues.

Hippos can plunge in water, feed on grass, and socialize with their hippo friends. So these ‘big’ cuties are not only wild water babies, but unique creatures.

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