Do you know why stores in Thailand don’t close their doors?

For nations like Thailand, summer goes on forever and it’s very appalling.

In the event that you are not travelers from the north, trying to the warm ocean and sun, yet nearby lost creatures that don’t have a cooled house.

There is such a «hold your hand for 5 seconds» rule — on the off chance that it’s blistering outside, plunk down and put your palm on black-top or cement, however not in the shade, but rather in the sun.

On the off chance that you can hold it for 5 seconds or more without distress, it implies that canine or feline legs can run on this surface.

In any case — consumes and a ton of torment. In any case, presently in Thailand, even such a greeting isn’t important to comprehend: heat leads to many issues for lost creatures.

It is in this way not unexpected that canines and felines are searching for a wellspring of newness.

The most well-known — cooled shops and neighborhood shippers, out of generosity of soul, started to leave the entryways slightly open.

It isn’t such a lost cause. A stimulating outside air current will let the destiny free from four-legged creatures.

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