Every day, the dog walks many kilometers to the owner’s ‘place’

For seven long and cheerful years, a little canine named Fulmin lived with its proprietor Leonardo. They lived in Italy, in the open country.

Fulmin has forever been a committed companion of her moderately aged ace.

Sadly, after a long sick,  Fulmin’s lord was not with him. While Leonardo was in the medical clinic, the family perceived the amount Fulmin missed his lord.

At the point when somebody went to the entryway, she hurried to meet him with the expectation that the proprietor would have returned.

The day after the Leonardo family went to the burial place to lay blossoms. Furthermore, what was their astonishment when the family saw Fulmin on the grave!

Fulmin strolled more than 3 кm to track down the burial place. It stayed a secret for the entire moпde: how she figured out how to track down the graveyard.

I don’t have any idea how she tracked down her direction. I like to feel that her adoration for my dad drove her.

Or on the other hand even he, when all is said and done, guided it from paradise. This is something for which there is not an obvious reason, «said Leonardo’s girl.

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