Fortunate cat drops from a building into a caring arms

Alen was enjoying a tea cup with a friend at a cafe, when something catches his attention.

All over the street, in the block of flats where Alen’s sister lives, he noticed her cat in danger.

Mocha, his sister’s cat, had slipped away from an apartment window 50 feet up and was now clinging to the edge. «I walked under the window straight away,» Alen said.

«I had a feeling the cat was going to drop at that time.»

And, as evidenced by security video, Alen was correct: when the cat couldn’t keep on any longer, she fell down toward the main road below — and then managed to land in Alen’s hands.

She discovered both recovery and the comfort of his adoration there. «I opened my arms reflexively,» Alen explained. «I fell in love with the cat after I captured her.»

Cat was completely unharmed. Alen had literally rescued her life.

Alen’s sister, who was at home at the time, was astonished to discover that her cat had dropped — but she was also thankful that Alen had come to her rescue.

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