Let’s see what the woman discovers about her dog

Tomy is a charming farmer dog who enjoys the simple things in life, such as playing ball, every time he has the opportunity.

According to Tomy’s adoptive mother, the sweet boy is quite independent and of course he is crazy about balls.

Recently, Brittney heard a noise in her backyard while Tomy was outside, so she decided to go out and investigate a little, and found an adorable scene.

Tomy barked at his neighbor who had a ball gun, apparently, his neighbor was playing with his dog, and Tomy wanted to participate.

Apparently, the neighbor understood that Tomy loves to play ball, and without hesitation he decided to share a play with the farmer.

Now they enjoy playing together across the fence every time they have the opportunity.

Thanks to Tomy, families have interacted a little more since then, and now they even have game dates for Tomy and Lyla, the neighbor’s dog, to share fun moments together.

Even these neighbors agreed on an open door policy between the two houses so that their dogs can play together whenever they want.

Of course, Tomy doesn’t plan to stop playing ball with his gentle neighbor.

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