Man finally photographs his spirit animal, but things don’t go as intended

Christl, a vet and photographer, set out on his dream vacation of traveling around Iceland with only 2 ambitions in mind: see the sky and spot a wild fox.

He described the fox as «the most mysterious of all arctic animals.»

Christl took a lot of amazing pictures of other wild creatures while discovering the country, but not the one he wished the most.

The man spent many hours strolling around, looking for his friends, but there was no symptom of them. He agreed to go out in the dark one evening when he knew they’d be more energetic.

He was decided to see some of a fox. Eventually the moment arrived. Chris Bwas overjoyed when an arctic fox showed up in the darkness.

He took out his camera to capture the majestic animal in all her honor, but the photos he got weren’t quite what he’d hoped for.

Although the fox was captivated by Christl, his camera, and lights, she kept a safe zone the entire time. Chris was still content. He’d achieved his aims. He’d seen a fox under the sky. Everything was fine.

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