Rabbit, the size of a canine is seeking somebody to love her completely

When the Rescue centre received a call about so many creatures who weren’t really loved and cared for, the organization sent out a team of officers to explore — and when they arrived, they could not really trust their eyes.

In addition to having 47 rabbits kept in tiny, crowded, dirty cabins, but the rabbits were also Flemish creatures, so many of them were big.

According to the Rescue centre, the greatest of the bundle measured around 18 pounds and was approximately the size of a standard size dog.

The creatures were far too big to be stored in the small place they were living in, and they weren’t really clearly cares for in summary.

They were all examined by a veterinarian after being rescued to ensure their health. «Fortunately, a vet discovered that they are all in good health — one is on prescription for teary eyes and a scar on the side of his neck.»

Apart from a few minor problems, the rabbits are all doing well during their care of the Rescue centre, and after they have had an opportunity to settle in, they’ll all be available for adoption.

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