See how this brave dog pulls her mother away from a speeding car

Kate was out for a walk with her dog, when she noticed the dog squeezing on the leash. A big car drifted toward them on the sidewalk. «In true, it was a lot faster than I predicted.» «We’ve been very fortunate.»

Even though Orea has only been living with Kate for a few weeks, it’s evident she has formed deep relationships with her family and will go to any length to safeguard them.

According to the Local Newspaper, the car was traveling at 70 mph and was only metres away from Kate.

And even though, since everything occurred so fast, Kate didn’t understand how close it was at the time.

When they came back from their walk, Kate noticed Orea was still nervous, and she knew she had to get the audio recordings.

«When I came home, I noticed Orea was a little upset, which led me to believe this was nearer than I thought,» Kate explained.

Orea is overjoyed because her family is secure. And now that she’s been recognized as a hero, her life is easier than ever before. «We love her and realize she is very unique,» Kate explained.

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