Teachers discover a strange sound coming from the ceiling and are surprised to discover who they are

One day, the coaching members at a middle school was going about their business when they heard unusual noises heading from the vents — and immediately learned the sounds were tiny meows.

A servicing employee was able to save three kittens on Friday, but the coaching employees was still noticing meows heading from the vents.

The employee in servicing went up onto a desk, opened the roof, and began searching.He was able to save 2 tiny kittens from the ceiling, and they were both fine.

«Our amazing school property manager, Jace, was able to locate them and put them out of the ceiling,» Jones said. «As they were rescued, the cats appeared hungry and were crying out.»

They know that the cats were all healthy, they were placed with local families.

They feel good now, thanks to the coaching memebers’ dedication — and if they ever hear meows heading from the roof again, they’ll fully understand what to do.

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