The family has eventually figured out why their dog has been barking at the window all night

Once Joanne heard her dog, barking approximately 2 a.m., she promptly got up to look.

«It was really strange bark.» Joanne ran outside to check on the family’s hens, but after extensively inspecting the entire yard, she found nothing out of the usual.

She had almost no suggestion what was bothering dog, but since everything appeared to be fine, she returned to her bed.

Dogcontinued to bark all through the night, causing her mother to get up several times before eventually falling asleep for the night several hours later.

Joanne couldn’t picture out what Siri was barking at until one of her children awoke and solved the mystery.

«Once the family had gotten up for the day, we found she was actually barking at the bag of cat food,» Joanne explained.

«My kid told me to look out the window, and I started laughing at how truly the cat on the bag appeared to be, and how enormous it was.»

Then I realized what Siri was trying to tell me. All night, she noticed a big cat staring out the window at her.» Fortunately, the puzzle has

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