The forester felt sorry for the hungry wolf, and two months later three wolves thanked him

On a winter day, the forester met a wolf who was very nearly complete depletion.

From the outset, a forester named Stepa had some better sense than any other person that finding food in the woods in winter was so difficult.

The wolf came a couple more times, and the locals started to overreact when they figured out that Stepan had chosen to take care of the hunter.

With the beginning of spring, the wolf has previously quit coming, however the forester is now accustomed to it.

With the beginning of the warm season, there was at that point a lot of food. Individuals from the towns quieted down, however the forester himself was miserable, on the grounds that he had previously figured out how to get appended to his companion.

Yet again in any case, toward the finish of April, the wolf raced to visit him, we note that this time she didn’t show up alone, however took it from her wolves.

The forester understood that she ate meat, yet additionally took care of her wolves. Appreciation was apparent according to hunters and he no longer saw his woodland wolf.

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