The reaction of a dog who saw a squirrel for the first time in his life

Animals sometimes surprise us even more than men. They are able to express their feelings, and often they succeed with such tenderness and cheerfulness that we can only laugh.

In the United States, when a dog watched a squirrel at some point on TV, his look immediately reflected authentic interest and wonder.

One of his favorite hobbies is to observe squirrels. Miki goes out into the courtyard, settles comfortably and waits for the cute and agile squirrels to honor her with their presence.

But during the winter, due to frost and unfavorable weather, Miki spends most of his time at home, and squirrels do not show their faces.

The loving owners therefore decided to give a treat to their animal. They turned on the «Dog TV» channel, where a documentary on animals was playing.

The screen showed scenes with chipmunks, birds and Miki’s beloved squirrels.

At first, the dog showed no interest in television, and he had never watched it before. But when Miki noticed the squirrels on the screen, she was fascinated and could no longer leave them with her eyes.

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