To protect them from a uragan, a hоmme returns with 300 homeless animals

Mexican resident Riсardo Pimеntel dedicated his life to save the animals. 9 years ago, he founded the Tierrа animal shelter in Animаlеs.

When Ricardo heard about the imminent hurricane, he immediately thought about how to save all the inhabitants of the shelter, where to find a safe place for them.

Ricardo knew that not all animals would enter the shelter building. And the building itself will not withstand a strong hurricane.

Then he decided to hide the animals at home. Although Ricardo’s house is not very large, there was a place for all animals.

Ricardo’s house was filled with dogs of all breeds and sizes. All the animals behaved very peacefully, as if they thought it was their only way to escape.

Ricardo has prepared a variety of treats for all the animals in the refuge.

Then cats, goats and chickens joined the dogs. A very large heterogeneous company gathered in Ricardо’s house: only about 300 animals.

There is a lot of work to rebuild the refuge, and it is only thanks to Riсаrdo that the inhabitants of the refuge survived.

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