Unusual facts about animals. Let’s explore the world’s beautiful species together

What do you are familiar natural life? A few qualities of creatures can truly surprise you.

For instance, pink flamingos in zoos recreate better assuming there are mirrors. We are discussing this and different attributes of creatures in the material.

Crows hobnob with subterranean insects:

As indicated by examination, crows and a few different birds purposely squash and rub against insects, similar as we do with shower gel or cleanser.

In some cases birds purposely get them with their noses or in a real sense fall on a crowd of insects.

This to dispose of parasites: formic corrosive assists them with etching little «occupants» of quills and grow another plumage. However, it’s unsure: the truth of the matter is that even crows can do it so insects treat their quills with their spit.

Delightful reindeer:

It just so happens, reindeer can change the shade of the eyes. Like that, obviously, yet to manage how much light that enters the eyes at various seasons. Subsequently, for instance, in summer, their eyes will be brilliant and in winter, they will be dim blue.

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