When a rescuer responds to a call, he discovers ‘slightly odd wood’ sticking out of a fence

Hani was taken aback when she received a call about some wounded birds just a second from where she lived.

She journeyed all over Western Australia as a certified wildlife rescuer.

The woman who called in said she saw a mother bird and her two children sitting in the sun on a walls, surrounded by larger birds, and she suspected the mother was wounded.

Hani walked around the corner to the wall, looking for the birds — and almost overlooked them firstly.»I didn’t see the birds, just some strange wood attached to the fence,» Hani said in a Fb post.

Sure, the birds were present; they were simply very good at combining in. The mother bird and her young were brown frogmouths.

Because these birds are active at night, they seek out old, fallen trees to sleep in during the day.

Rather, she had chosen a fence post in broad daylight as her spot, giving the impression that something was totally incorrect.

«They were likely just out enjoying the sun when they failed to notice the log walls for a plant,» Hani explained. Now they are perfectly fine.

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