When a woman sees a dog outside of an abandoned house, she knows she is not alone

Anie expected to find one adult dog living isolated on the property of an abandoned home.

The Stranger who reported her to stray rescue center explained that the animal’s family had relocated and left her alone.

The house was definitely empty, and the dog was getting up alone. «There were 2 puppies that appeared to be six to eight weeks old.»

She had no trouble getting the mother dog into her car, but capturing the dogs demonstrated more difficult.

«On the opposite side of the fence, there was a concrete patio that had been dug out, and the dogs kept running in there,» Lochmann she explained.

«They were actually staying there for the greatest part because it was safe.» «The larger one didn’t want me to pull her out,» she explained.

«She kept biting me with her teeth.» She finally had the scared puppy under control.

However, their foster family is made up of very kind adult dogs, so they should warm up easily. Staff members of the center are overjoyed that all 3 dogs are finally living happy lives.

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