While Mom is in the shower, the dog brings her items he believes she may require

Fin’s favorite pastime has been figuring things out for as long as his family can remember.

He enjoys making puzzles for himself to solve and gets very excited about each one.

«For him, every day is a brand-new exciting adventure.» «Every morning is like Christmas morning…

He keeps himself occupied — I’ll occasionally hear him trotting around in another room and wonder what he’s up to before deciding I probably don’t want to know.

«Fin is constantly coming up with new challenges for himself, but one of his favorites is trying to get his mother to open the door while she is in the shower.

Fin dislikes it when his mother goes into the bathroom to take a shower.

Maybe it’s the splashing water, maybe it’s the closed door, maybe it’s just the fact that she’s been in there for so long.

He doesn’t like whatever it is, so he’s made it his mission to get his mother to open the door again every time she showers.

He enjoys bringing items to his parents in order to entice them to walk through a door and come play with him again.

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