While trekking alone, a woman comes face to face with somebody incredibly huge

Sandra couldn’t help but notice someone else on the route as she made her way back down the mountain after a lovely sunshine walk.

When the hiker stopped and looked, saw a huge puma looking directly at her.

In a Post on instagram, Sandra said, «I swear I believed I was going to be breakfast. Sandra, a skilled outdoorswoman, had seen a number of stunning wildlife whereas hiking, but nothing like the puma.

«I hike a lot, and I’ve never seen an animal that big or that near!» Sandra stated.

«I seemed to be totally afraid and hoped it wouldn’t get any closer.» «I’m thankful it just kept on going!»

Even after having the highest intensity of pumas on the planet, the big cats are difficult to spot because they choose to avoid living beings.

However the practice still sends shivers down her spinal column, Sandra is grateful to have witnessed such a magnificent, strong wild creature in her natural habitat, but she hopes it never takes place again.

«I simply felt more astonished and scared at the time,» Sandra said. «I can say now that I am amazed and thankful!»

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