Why David and Victoria Beckham intend to leave the Great Tew Hulahoop and give up their dream home in the Cotswolds

According to reports, David and are abandoning their ideal Cotswold home because the near the area Soho Farm house, a hotspot for celebrities, is too noisy.

After the expansion of the private citizens’ club, the couple, who spend their days at the transformed barn instead of their £26 million West London manor house, are searching for the next home or piece of land close to the delightful village of Great Tew.

To reach the location, which has hosted events for people like, and, one must walk past the Beckhams’ estate.

‘Davit and Victoria absolutely love there own farmhouse and they definitely adore Great Tew,’ a person close to the pair said, according to The Sundaay Mail «but the transportation and loud sounds that arrives from it has made it very challenging to live there already.

They love visiting Soho Farmhouse and the Cotswolds, but they feel it’s time to find a further home to spend their days in that isn’t too far away.

Such a sad reflection because they put so much adoration into that home and got it exactly how they would like. It serves as their haven.

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