Why does a mother cat bring her six kittens to see a woman?

Throughout the mid year, a lady called Lisianne noticed a cushy feline in her nursery. As it appeared to be ravenous, she got some food from the kitchen and gave it something to eat.

Before long, the feline was returning consistently for food and the pair developed a relationship.

Acknowledging it was a young lady, Lisianne named her Usagi. Yet, soon Lisiannxe saw that the creature was pregnant as her midsection got greater.

Ultimately, the feline conceived an offspring and Lisianne didn’t see her yet she before long returned, this time carrying every one of her infants to show her.

When the little cats were mature enough to be away from her mom, she gave one to a companion and the others were given to the salvage gathering to be rehomed, while Lisianne chose to keep Usagi.

They all had breathing issues, which are being dealt with and Tito definitely dislikes one of his legs

The cats are presently getting more used to people and the salvage said they are searching for ‘families forever’.

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