Why does little dog bring sticks to his best friend all day long?

Timo and Sky were both embraced into a similar large salvage pet family, and all along, they’ve been closest companions.

Presently, Timo and Sky are together continually and hang out day in and day out.

They love nibbling, snoozing and sunbathing together, and they additionally chase after one another any place they go. Fine particularly cherishes showing his fondness for his sibling.

He gives him kisses and head taps, yet his method for exhibiting his adoration is certainly by bringing Timo his most valued belongings — sticks.

Fine moves all over Timo with his stick, giving him his gift — yet generally, the turtle is not exactly impressed. Even however Timo doesn’t have the very appreciation for sticks that his sibling does, Sky will bring constantly them to him.

He adores the two sticks and his sibling so much, so as far as he might be concerned, joining them simply appears to be legit.

Timo may not cherish sticks, however he adores his sibling, and as long as he’s spending time with him, nothing else truly has any significance.

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