Woman discovers alone dog left in garden with the strangest note

Balo is a bright young creature who enjoys displaying his abilities. He has only recently learned to lie down and wiggle, and he’s very grateful of himself, particularly since he never had the opportunity to learn tricks before his rescue.

Balo was abandoned in a dog run with an incredibly sad note, and he had no idea what he’d done to cause his owners to abandon him.

Fortunately, a woman saw Balo alone outside. «I was out strolling one of my dogs when we came across a society dog run with a dog in it but no owners in sight,» Balo’s foster mom, Lucy said.

«The longer I observed him, more the indication I saw that he had been out for a long period of time,» Lucy said.

«I noticed a note was wedged in the handle of the door to the dog run,» Lucy said. «It said, «This dog is uneducated!!! *I had to abandon him. Please, save him.»

Lucy’s heart dropped. «When I stepped in, he welcomed me with kisses and joy,» she explained. «I knew I would have to help him at that point.» Balo is now looking for his permanent family with Pet Rescue.

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