Woman figures out why all her hair ties are wet

Alan has had a lot of fun playing. He’s always on the lookout for new things to play with or new members to play with, and he never tires of making up games.

«As soon as he gets up, he’s willing to play.» Alan’s favorite game is taking away his mother’s hair ties. He’s been obsessed with hair bands for over a year and can’t go anywhere without them.

He always just swings them around, getting his mother to throw them — and then putting them in water.

Alan was playing with his hairbands as ordinary one day when Toma taken a break for a few moments.

She expected him to be putting a hair band in the fountain when she returned, but he wasn’t there. She went looking for him and instead discovered him putting his hairband in the toilet.

Toma couldn’t stop laughing, but she had no idea how long he’d been wandering away to dip hair ties in the rest room.

«Alan enjoys playing with his hair bands, and it’s entertaining to watch — as long as his games don’t contain the rest room.

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