You’ll be astounded to witness how a mother goose looks after 47 babies while keeping them all safe

Michele has never been fond of geese from Canada. Regardless, his viewpoints shifted as a result of seeing one exceptional mother goose who had zeroed in on a very large family.

Since starting work from home, Michele has been taking walks down the Saskatchewan riverfront near his house in Saskatoon, carrying his camera along to capture the everyday routine that he encounters there.

That’s where he first encountered the geese.

He counted 25 goslings one day, then 30 the next, until he spotted the mother geese and her spouse with 47 offspring.

Michele realized that this perplexing mother was focusing her attention on goslings from a diverse range of households. This is known as a gang brood, and it is common in urban and rural locations with many households.

When unusually calm watchmen mind geese’s children, providing their associates with two or three nights off, pack anguish is formed.

The goslings are rapidly maturing, and they can no longer all fit under their mother. They eventually rest in a major store while she keeps an eye on them.

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