A big pit bull raised by cats believes she is a cat as well

Oak adores her family, especially her younger brother Muir. Oak wishes to imitate everything Mur does.

She continues to follow him around the house, snuggles with him on the chair, and even rises with him when he looks out the window.

Oak believes she and Mur are the same individual. What Oak doesn’t realize is that Mur is a small cat and she is is a big dog.

«They would run around the apartment together, and Mur would sit on the small cat plant to be her size.» But, over time, she’s come to comprehend her dog’s eccentricities.

Jolley adores the fact that her animals get along so well and that Oak is so caring. «Because they’re both small, they were able to climb up on the mat and jump up to the window nook from there.»

«I think of her as a big baby,» Jolley said. «She follows us around the house and nearly always has to be siting on us.»

She adores humans with all of her heart and is happy when she meets someone new.»

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