A fantastic tale of baby wolf and panther cubs are born to a Chinese dog

The homegrown pet at Zoo started taking care of the offspring days after they were conceived when it became evident their own moms couldn’t deliver sufficient milk to take care of them.

The canine is accounted for to have as of late given to its own doggies, thus why it was at that point delivering milk.

Animal specialist Pi Roger mentioned: ‘Since canines smell different to pumas, we watched very carefully the response of the canine as it licked the jaguar, sniffed it and on occasion even seemed as though it was gnawing it, so we safeguarded it.

However, following two days, the canine became acclimated to the smell of the puma and acknowledged it more, and, surprisingly, delivered more milk.’

Zoo lovely staff guarantee the canine is proceeding to take care of her own little animals and will mother the jaguar and wolf offspring for one more than a month, after which they will begin to be taken care of cow’s milk.

Sometimes its sound strange but they truly become friends.

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