A rescuer examining baby skunks is amazed to discover they are totally green

These cute creatures were rescued after their mother was hit by a car.

Some people heard tiny cries coming from down inside a gap in the ground when they were only around a week old and came to life action.

«The seekers have been able to capture 3 of them and realized they were very skinny and warm, so they contacted us,. We stabilized them and began recovery…»

They then noticed further cries and discovered 3 more babies had been left alone deep within the nest after two days.

We were amazed that they had survived this long! The other 3 were more stable, but all 6 babies survived and have risen to be big and strong.

«The baby skunks have all felt well in their new place and have become exceptionally happy. They adore playing with balloons, rings, stuffed animal mice, and more organic items such as nuts and pine needles.

The skunks were actually relocated into their final pre-release pen, and in the upcoming couple of weeks, they’ll be prepared to go back to the wild but not green.

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